Excenote is a note taking application that is made to be easy and yet powerful for businesses. Excenote allows you to sync notes across all devices and collaborate on ideas together.


Comment on others ideas

Comment on other peoples ideas and inspire them.


Our tool is easier to use than many other note taking applications one click and you're writing away.

Free (default)



  • No adverts.

  • Unlimited documents.

  • Excenote notes.

  • Excenote draw.

  • Excecal.

  • image adding and docx inclusion.
PRO (can be bought in the app itself.)


Per year

  • Everything free includes.

  • Excenote Shortlinks.

  • Excenote collab for collaboration live.

  • excenote whiteboard.

  • excecrypt encrypt your notes.

  • share editing allow others to edit your document even if they are on a free plan.

  • to subscribe please enter the Excenote app you will need a Stripe account to begin subscribing.

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