About excenote

Why we started Excenote.

Why make excenote when other note taking tools exist.

Many of these tools don't offer the same level of customization and freedom as Excenote, Excenote allows so much more than just being a note taking tool.

Excenote was originally meant to be a simple note taking tool with a commenting system but we improved and made it so much more.

Excenote offers a more seamless solution with cloud storage than what meets the eye. You don't see the cloud doing anything.

Excenote draw allows you to illustrate your idea without downloading anything and it can be saved and managed in the same dashboard.

We have made the interface easy to navigate without the need for a large tutorial just a simple beginner hint which is visible but can be hidden when not needed.

We want you to express your idea to others weather it be classmates, colleagues, etc. Express yourself freely.

We are the Excenote team division of Enclica software.

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